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Affordable yet luxurious Egyptian Pink Limestone Plinths can be stacked and positioned in any room to add a point of interest.  This material is very hardy for a limestone.  We would love to see how you style yours!


Sizing - 

Plinth 1 305mm x 305mm x 850mm High

Plinth 2 305mm x 305mm x 650mm High

Plinth 3 305mm x 305mm x 500mm High


Pink Limestone Plinth Set

  • Some Natural Stones are easier to look after than others, we are here to help with any questions you may have about any of our materials or products.  

    All of our finished pieces are sealed using very expensive products, once you recieve your new stone coffee table you will see by placing some water on the surface it will sit there like a freshly waxed car when it rains. 

    Please always ensure that any liquids are removed and dried asap, especially anything that is a strong acid or akalyne, this will ensure your new furniture will look like new forever.

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