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Blue Roma Brazilian Quartzite Bench

Blue Roma Quartzite is a blue and copper Brazilian Quartzite.  It is also sometimes known as "London Impression" or "Roman Blue."  The quarry that produces this rare and exotic stone which is perfect for benchtops or vanities is sustainable, however, Blue Roma Quartzite does vary dramatically in quality and appearance.  For this reason whenever a beautiful block of Blue Roma Quartzite becomes available we buy as much as possible.  If you are looking for this gorgeous stone ensure you compare our stock to others, luckily for us we have a direct link to the quarry!

We recommend using this stone as a very hard material for a bench, unlike much softer materials like marble which are widely used in Australia, Blue Roma Quartzite is a genuine option that is also able to take direct heat out of the oven unlike many man made alternatives.  For other Quartzites we have in stock go here.

Designed by - Fe Design Interiors

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